Weddi‚Äčngs At 

The Arsenal

Venue is permanently closed

Frequently Asked Questions

You've got questions, we've got answers

Q: How many guests can your venue accommodate?

A:  We can accommodate up to 180 guests. We've found that 100-150 guests seated in round tables around our large dance floor is a comfortable setting which allows you and your guests to enjoy and participate fully in activities of your special day. Keeping that in mind we can accommodate up to 180 guests.

Q:  Are tables and chairs included? What is the size and shape of your tables? How many guests can each table accommodate?

A:  Dining tables and chairs are included in your rental fee. We provide 6 foot round tables which seat up to 10 guests per table. 

Q:  Can we chose our own caterer?? 

A:  Of course you can. You can arrange and choose all your own vendors. . 

Q:  Do we have to use your caterer?? 

A:  No. You can arrange and choose all your own vendors. . 

Q:  Can we hire a food truck?? 

A:  Yes. You can arrange and choose all your own vendors. . 

Q:  Do you have a kitchen we can use?? 

A:  No, sorry, we do not have a kitchen. No cooking indoors on site.

Q:  Do we have to pay additional for parking?? 

A:  No, plenty of free parking on site.

Q:  Do you have an outdoor ceremony site we can use?? 

A:  Yes. We have an indoor ceremony hall as well as a courtyard suitable for an outdoor ceremony. 

Q:  What about alcohol? Can we serve alcohol?? 

A:  Yes.. You purchase your own alcohol and you serve it. You cannot sell alcohol as that requires a liquor license.

Q:  Can we have a DJ or band ?? 

A:  Yes.. You arrange your own DJ or band.

Q:  Is there a dance floor

A:  Yes.. Come dance the night away.

Q:  Do we need insurance?

A:  Yes, we require event insurance.. Contact your insurance agent, or google event insurance.